Do You Even Jane, Bro?

In this episode Tim & the Gang are in the basement of an undisclosed friends house in beautiful Seattle. Drinks had been consumed, laughs were had, and because this was our 1st attempt @ recording on location the audio isn’t perfect. But what was this taping? We met Jane, said goodbye to Peter, & most […]

To the Extreme?

It’s 1990. The single best selling Rap album of ALL TIME is released. Where else is a Ninja to GO! GO! GO!? You were supposed to find out as we took a very quick leap into the world wide phenomenon that is To The Extreme, but my guest took it upon himself to get arrested […]

Pilot Episode – Hooked

Wow, our pilot episode is finally here! It took longer to post due to our original engineers lack of experience but after reaching out to somebody else last minute to do the best they could in as little time as possible I think we came out okay. In this, the 1st episode of Yo Vanilla! […]

I Love You Moore

Upon returning to Seattle from Hollywood I found myself looking for work & with what felt like an endless amount of free time on my hands. My podcast dreams now behind me I looked for another outlet to fill the artistic gap. Being head over heals in love at the time I co-wrote this love […]